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The Lost World: Summary :: essays research papers

The Lost World: Summary      The Lost World by Michael Crichton is an incredible sci-fi novel about a gathering of researchers of various fields that go on an undertaking to an island to bring back a rich and obstinate researcher from a test campaign that he thought about more than his life.      The "lost world" is an island off the shoreline of Costa Rica called Isla Sorna on which an organization named InGen (Short for International Genetics Corps.), hereditarily designed and thought up dinosaurs which were wiped out since 65 million years. This island was utilized as a hatchery for the dinosaurs previously they were sent to another island close by called Isla Nublar. Isla Nublar was rented by InGen for a natural protect for vacationers to see the dinosaurs at a specific expense. After an enormous disaster at Isla Nublar, the organization went bankrupt and devastated Isla Nublar. They didn't try to play with Isla Sorna in light of exposure reasons. For a long time nobody thought about this lost world. Commonly there were instances of enormous obscure creatures at Costa Rica, yet nobody discovered what they really were or where they had originated from. A rich researcher named Dr. Richard Levine performed research on a portion of these creatures and found a few pieces of information which drove him to the lost island. He set out on a test undertaking with his partner to discover precisely in the event that he was on the correct island. He missed his pontoon back home to the states. Along these lines, he called his companion, Dr. Thorne with his satellite telephone and left a message requesting that he come down to the island and get on with the endeavor. Dr. Thorne, Ian Malcolm, Dr. Sarah Harding , and two kids that sneaked in with them, went to the island to safeguard Dr. Levine and investigate the practices of the dinosaurs on the island. At the point when they get to the island, they discover that they aren't the main ones that were searching for dinosaurs. Three men drove by Dodgson from another hereditary qualities organization called Biosyn, were likewise there, searching for dinosaurs to open up their own amusement park.      Many things turn out badly on the island. A portion of the individuals get excessively near the dinosaurs and they fall into difficulty, Sarah Harding takes an infant from the Tyrannasaurus' home since it looked debilitated and the mother comes searching for her infant.      This island was lost by InGen for a long time, and it was the main spot on the planet that time had cruised by. Since 65 million years, the dinosaurs

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Women in Entrepreneurship

There is 317,327,804 million residents in the United States as of 8:05pm on January sixth, 2014 (U.S. Registration Bureau, International Data Base). 37.4% of the United States populace lives in the South, 23.5% live in the West, 21.4% in the Midwest and the last 17.7% live in the Northeast (U.S. Evaluation Bureau, International Data Base). Given the way that the United States is the best nation on the planet, it is additionally one of the greatest. 82.3% of the populace live far from the White House. Prior to the 1950s, and the improvement of the web and media, it was increasingly hard to impact an ideological group to concentrate on specific issues from a great many miles away. Those residents didn't have the innovative headways that cutting edge America have, for example, T.V., E-mail, and even Twitter. Papers were just an adequate method of getting news a crossed the nation. The normal populace during the 1940s that are essentially a long way from the White House was 75% (U.S. Sta tistics Bureau, International Data Base). With the formation of linkage foundations in America, that 75% was given the connection they strived to voice their supposition and have their influence. The United States is run under vote based system and a majority rules system depends for its very employment on the considerable contacts between the legislature and the individuals. The Founding Fathers of the United States bound for the individuals from Congress to give the connection among government and the residents. On of the authors, James Madison clarifies that open perspectives are upgraded and refined â€Å"by going them with the help of a picked assemblage of residents, whose insight may best observe the genuine enthusiasm of their country... (Federalist #10). â€Å"In our Modern American Government, each House part speaks to almos... ...r office, open authorities' exercises, and the open assistance declaration of the day through TV, papers, radio, and the Internet. The media's capacity to shape the American brain has regularly been censured, yet it likewise permits individuals to offer input to the government† (Steve Jobs). Having the option to have free media and paid media, the press can swing voters by illuminating them what issues are significant at some random time. While there is a wide spread conviction that they media is inclination to either the privilege of the left, it ought to be to a lesser degree a worry to the open on the grounds that the media is to a great extent fruitless in molding feeling yet it additionally permits individuals to offer input to the administration. Similarly, the media is influenced by the administration, who can utilize the media as a political instrument by facilitating the political perspectives on whatever force is as of now in office.

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A research proposal on contract strategies for projects in the subsea oil and gas industry Essay

Presentation In various subsea oil and gas ventures improvements, the honor of huge agreements for an assortment of works is undertaken.â Nevertheless, the general technique for appropriating these agreements to various temporary workers is the principle issue with respect to contracting methodology. The ongoing inquires about on the field of agreement systems build up that the world is becoming exceptionally quick mechanically in this way incite the requirement for additional investigation for wellsprings of vitality particularly in subsea oil and gas industry. Besides, a significant increment in the ventures multifaceted nature, increment in ventures measures just as the heightened universal commitment in related issues portray oil and gas extends in the current world. In spite of the fact that these tasks are situated in the ocean, it is contended by various researchers that development forms have various gatherings of people and organizations who get included either as providers, purchasers or as the genuine manufacturers. To keep up and guarantee moral connections among the different partners contracts are formed.â An agreement is a lawful term that is either composed or spoken as an understanding between at least two gatherings with the end goal of the conveyance of specific administrations as an end-result of cash or some other important resource (Blum, 2007, p. 88). In ventures identified with subsea oil and gas designing, the procedure and the character of contracting and introduction of tasks contracts is of incredible hugeness for the future course of the undertaking and too for the general accomplishment of the undertaking. To the extent subsea oil and gas industry is concerned, contracts are the basic tolls for the designation of assignments, dangers and duties. In particular, contracting systems in the above examined industry considers the division of obligations inside the task cycle, the ideal assignment of dangers, parting of connected gatherings and administrations among the included gatherings just as considering theâ interface and the market circumstance. Sensible choice of contracting procedures is the establishment of acknowledgment of objectives and destinations of such activities. As per Blum (2007), it is of significance for included partners in such activities to have the mindfulness and information about the specific qualities of likely contracting techniques.  Contracting systems allude to the techniques in all phases of a venture that build up a degree of mix in structure, the real development and progressing upkeep in an undertaking and offers backing to the task in type of hazard conveyance, chance portion and boost. The Rationale of the Research Considering the expanded investigation and instatement of subsea oil and gas investigation and extraction ventures, it is of significance to recognize the hugeness of prompting powerful and sensible contracting methodologies, as they are critical to the achievement of every single undertakings. Hence, it is essential to bring into light different contracting procedures by talking about, investigating and dissecting the effects of such systems in subsea oil and gas building. It is in this regard the exploration that will follow will dive even deep to work out the points of interest just as the weaknesses of various contracting procedures as for different writings in the particular field. Research issue The same number of grasp, there has been almost no regarding research concerning contracting systems particularly in the subsea oil and gas sector.â Although barely any investigation this issue, numerous organizations are putting resources into the business likely winding up receiving one or a few contracting techniques. It is hence a significant issue when the essential research that can direct these organizations in choosing the best methodologies is inaccessible. Research Aim The point of this examination will be to research different sorts of agreement procedure utilized in the subsea oil and Gas Industries and the thought made before deciding for a specific task. What's more, the exploration will give knowledge in different idea of contracting techniques other than diving deep to unclothe different methodologies utilized in the subsea oil and gas enterprises. Besides, the examination will investigate, plate and decide the job of agreement procedure in venture the executives by looking at and assessing their effects on an undertaking by applying cost reimbursable agreement methodology and singular amount contract system. At long last, the investigation will appear in distinguishing the advantages and inconveniences of the different sorts of agreement procedures. The significance of the investigation On the occasion of the culmination of this arranged research,â it is foreseen that different partners in subsea gas and oil industry will be given adequateâ and indispensable data about contracting techniques in the field, their effects on general projectâ execution, their bit of leeway and detriments also being furnished with data on the jobs of different contracting methodologies. Research questions To these closures, the examination approaches the accompanying exploration questions: What are the different kinds of contracting procedures utilized in the subsea oil and gas industry? What are the contemplations made before picking a contracting system? What are the jobs of contracting procedures in the subsea oil and gas industry? What are the focal points and inconveniences of the talked about contracting systems? The experimental piece of the exploration looks at the hypothetical system of the viewpoint of various contracting methodologies, their viability, their jobs just as the advantages and weaknesses that collect because of their embrace. Writing survey During the underlying phases of any task, the principle issue that faces the undertaking the executives partners is to settle on educated choices on which contract methodologies to embrace that best suits the venture for fruitful accomplishment of the activities objectives and goals (Inkpen and Moffett, 2011, p. 187). As indicated by Babusiaux (2007), contract system alludes to the procedure or the undertaking to choose an authoritative or activities legally binding approach that is required for the execution of explicit tasks inside the significant endeavor. In particular, an appropriate and successful agreement methodology for a task particularly the ones identified with subsea oil and gas industry includes creation of five basic and fundamental choices that incorporate; setting of the undertakings targets and requirements and creation of educated choices on the determination regarding legitimate venture conveyance strategy. What's more settling on choice of legitimate agreement type just as embracing sensible agreement managerial systems fills in as a reason for triumphant determination of contracting methodologies.  Nevertheless, in the subsea oil and gas building ventures, an agreement type is chosen by the chiefs of the task through the exhortation of the undertakings designers and their legitimate guide. Nonetheless, the choice for this situation must meet the destinations and the objectives of the extend and have the option to consider the requirements that identify with the undertaking. The targets are as far as the time goals, practical execution, move of innovation, utilization of neighborhood materials and assets, distribution and installment of dangers just as cost destinations among others. This lead to an intelligent increment in the tasks multifaceted nature, increment in ventures estimates just as the increased universal commitment. Basically, there are distinctive contracting procedures in subsea oil and gas industry. The contracting systems incorporate; Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracting procedure, Engineering Procurement and Construction with Long Lead Items (EPC with LLIs), Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management methodology (EPCM) just as the Progressive Lump Sum (PLS) (Rossâ and Williams, 2012, p. 236). In actuality, the determination of a particular contracting procedure in the subsea oil and gas industry relies upon the degree of hazard a proprietor of a venture sets out to embrace and much of the time it mirrors the ideal danger, the objective and the yearnings of the proprietor. Therefore, the particular highlights and factors of the specific undertaking must be taken care of with an inside and out examination and contrasted with the qualities of the separate methodology in a way that gives an establishment to choosing and picking on the most proper arrangement (Babusiaux, 2007, p. 116). As such a lot of contracting procedures depend on the acquirement procedure, it is fundamentally realized that gracefully chain in the business of oil and gas has not been taken earnestly for a long while and this has come about to noteworthy disadvantages . In any case, innovative changes lead to the improvement of basic beliefs that point just at quick investigation with ensuing high creation of oil and gas items. As indicated by Piskarev and Shkatov (2012) preceding choosing a contracting technique to actualize, proprietors of subsea oil and gas activities ought to guarantee that, they consider essential characteristics that figure out which compelling system works best specifically conditions. To augment on this, the key variables to consider in such cases incorporate; the sort, the size and the area of the subsea industry.â Additionally, as referenced in the diagram, choices ought to consider chance designations, the activities interface, the time constraintsâ and the market structure among numerous different elements. References Inkpen, A. C., and Moffett, M. H. (2011). The worldwide oil and gas industry: the executives,  â â procedure and fund. Tulsa, Okla, PennWell. Blum, B. A. (2007). Agreements: models and clarifications. Austin, Wolters Kluwer Law and  â â â â â â â Business Babusiaux, D. (2007). Oil and gas investigation and creation: holds, costs, contracts.  â â â â â â â â Paris, France, Editions Technip. Piskarev, An., and Shkatov, M. (2012). Vitality Potential of the Russian Arctic Seas Choice

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Writing survey talking about the points of interest and detriments of having kids breast fed in both blended A&Es and seperate childrens A&Es - Essay Example Aharonson et al (1996) gave data on examples of administrations, appearance and variables affecting lining in A&E divisions and recommended that there are potential advantages for the board and applying tasks look into strategies in clinical situations. A&E divisions are in extensive interest and appropriate usage of these administrations can prompt improvement in the quality and immediacy of clinical administrations advertised. Anyway as opposed to Chow’s contentions, a few medical clinic crisis offices might be straightforwardly identified with essential consideration in giving quick access and a crisis care system could be built up in essential consideration also. Coordinating the qualities and shortcomings of crisis care with target information model could help in portraying various degrees of activity and in featuring process productivity and clinical adequacy. The emotionally supportive networks inside NHS Direct have demonstrated how individuals get things done inside A&E divisions particularly and how purposeful and attentive consideration could be given by improving system activities. Mishap and crisis offices and systems administration can help measure and control successful systems administration and advance connections. The ongoing key arrangement move towards an essential consideration drove National Health Service in the UK (Department of Health, 1994) has prompted reestablished enthusiasm for rethinking the limits among essential and optional consideration with the point of moving chosen benefits generally gave in the intense emergency clinic to less asset concentrated essential and network based other options. This precise writing survey takes a gander at the potential for successful assistance arrangement for youthful An and E patients at blended An and Es in UK. The UK has encountered a quick increment all in all specialist out of hour’s co-agents in the course of the most recent 5 years. All the more for the most part, an administration survey of crisis pre-medical clinic care in England and Wales as of late brought about a progression of pilot plans to test intercessions

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Hotel management :: essays research papers

Inn the executives Task One Table Of Contents Introduction HRM Defines Traditional Approach Contemporary way to deal with HR Change Management Murrindindi Shire Council Experience Back Ground Human Resource Roles Organizational HRM Conclusion Introduction Human Resource the board (HRM) has been viewed as either having a conventional or contemporary methodology. This paper will characterize the two methodologies. The HR aproach attempted by the Murrindindi Shire Council (MSC) which was my association as long as a quarter of a year back will be evaluated in this setting just as recognizable expenses or openings that exist. HRM Defined Human Resource Management is the administration of an associations staff/faculty to address the issues and accomplish the motivation behind the business in a proficient and powerful way. HRM is characterized by Kramer McGraw Shulder (1997,p.10) as having three reasons for existing being „h To improve profitability „h To guarantee nature of worklife and „h To guarantee legitimate consistence It has been seen specifically that associations will in general be awesome at the lawful consistence as it is administered as it has some genuine outcomes if not clung to. What is commonly neglected is the money related ramifications of speck focuses one and two. Successful human administration can add to item yield as well as item quality. HRM administrators are working at three unmistakable levels as clarified by Kramer McGraw Shulder (1997,p.30) vital, administrative and operational - Operational levels (present moment) can be dispersed down to bring down level administration or group pioneers as they include straight forward and customary degrees of HR - Staff Recruitment - Monitoring Systems - Wages, benefits bundles - Annual examination frameworks - Training and so on - Managerial Level (present moment) This level and following will in general be the degrees of key significance to the organisation - Recruitment promoting plans - Long term re muneration plans - Validation frameworks - Management improvement programs - Strategic (long haul) - to increase upper hand - interface capacities to organisational techniques Strategy as a procedure is characterized by (Shaun Tyson 1997 p. 278) is  ¡Ã¢ ¥a instrument for accomplishing an ideal objective⠡â ¦. It would then be able to be said that the Human Resource Strategy should be lined up with the associations  ¡Ã¢ ¥business strategies⠡â ¦ or corporate destinations. As a result one of the systems to be utilized is that of Human Resources. Mill operator characterized vital HRM as  ¡Ã¢ ¥those choices and activities which concern the administration of workers at all levels in the business and which are identified with the usage of procedures coordinated towards making and supporting upper hand (Miller, 1987 p.

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Review on Feminism and the Question of Class by Alexandra Kollontai

Review on “Feminism and the Question of Class” by Alexandra Kollontai “Feminism and the Question of Class” by Alexandra Kollontai Nov 27, 2019 in Article Review Introduction The history of the womens movement for equal rights goes back more than a hundred years, and it remains a highly topical issue at the moment. Alexandra Kollontai was one of the first leaders of the feminist movement. She was an adherent of historical materialism. Kollontai believed that the woman question cannot be separated from the social and economic situation in the country. Natural qualities of women were considered a minor factor. The main indicator of the state of womens rights was the social class to which the woman belonged. In the article Feminism and the Question of Class Alexandra Kollontai analyzes the struggle of womens movement, its inhomogeneity, and its various streams. Although the author states several important and rightful concepts and ideas, she appears to be biased and heavily dependent on different governmental systems that existed in that period. Body At the beginning of the article, the author gives a brief description of historical materialism and points out the interdependence of the woman question and the general social question. Kollontai believes that women can become truly free and equal only in a world organized along new social and productive lines (Kollontai, 2006, p. 198). Thus, it becomes obvious that the author opposes the development of feminist movement in the existing framework of societys social structure. In the main part of the article, the author singles out two types of feminist movement, such as the liberation movement of proletarian women and feminist movement of women from the bourgeois class. Moreover, Kollontai opposes bourgeois feminism and considers it to be a dead end development of the womens movement. At the same time, she praises proletarian women as the ones who truly cause society to progress. The article is organized in such a way that the author gradually moves from the acknowledgement of the di vision in the womens movement to the statement of primogeniture and dominance of the proletarian womens movement. The strongest point in Kollontais article is that she does not address the natural differences between men and women. She completely focuses on the social, economic, and political rights of women. The author leaves the scientists the right to absorb themselves in discussion of the question of the superiority of one sex over the other (Kollontai, 2006, p. 198). Thus, the author does not intrude on the unfamiliar territory, where she would not be able to present proper support for her argumentation. At the same time, she carefully introduces the term historical materialism, while restating that this ideology demands that only each person, whether man or a woman, has a real opportunity for the fullest and freest self-determination (Kollontai, 2006, p. 198). In this manner, she successfully backs her argument about the need for equality between sexes and the reasonable commitment to the previously mentioned ideology. Unfortunately, the strong argumentative part of the article is followed by exaggeration, bias, and inconsistency. Actually, it all starts in a rather persuasive manner. The author acknowledges that the women who take part in the liberation movement do not represent one homogenous mass (Kollontai, 2006, p. 198). The world of women is divided in the same manner as the world of men. By the divide, Kollontai implies proletarian and bourgeois women. The main mistake of the author lies in the fact that she treats women not as individuals but as cogs in the enormous state system. Kollontai peremptorily declares that a woman can have equal rights and be free only in a world of harmony, justice, and socialized labor. I understand it as a reference to the utopian idea of socialism which implies equality of all people in the social and economic context regardless of differences in their aspirations and ambitions. The author believes that any struggle would be in vain if the system of society do es not change. This idea, even with the lack of evidence, would sound good if the author did not consider the bourgeois women as the group which would benefit from an already existing system. Regarding women from bourgeois class, the author points out that it would indeed open doors to new and unprecedented rights and privileges that until now have been enjoyed by men of the bourgeois class (Kollontai, 2006, p. 199). In my opinion, the author takes it upon herself to speak for all women of another class, while accusing them of the fact that they were born in wealthier families, hence their desire for equality is not as justified as that of the proletarian women. Having analyzed the authors bias, I would like to proceed to the exaggeration that may be found in the article. The author states that under the impact of the monstrous successes of capitalism, the middle classes of the population were hit by waves of need (Kollontai, 2006, p. 199). Due to the economic situation, the bourgeois women had to either accept destitution or get the right to work. This is why women began to enter universities, be employed to offices and editorial houses. I believe that this idea is a pure exaggeration as it is not supported by any arguments. The author simply states it as the fact, while she does not provide any figures or even personal examples. Thus, Kollontai distantly reflects on such an important subject and shoves the bourgeois class under one common stereotype. I cannot agree with the author that economic struggle was the principal reason for womens awareness of their rights and aspirations. Eventually, my main claim consists in the fact that the aut hor tends to make significant conclusion on behalf of many people while not building upon some statistic research. All of the previously mentioned claims can be challenged because another person may view them as a subjective opinion or special way of perceiving the article. Yet, inconsistency represents the undeniable flaw of the author. Initially, Kollontai is a powerful fighter for womens rights and equality. At the same time, she flatly declares her commitment to a particular social class of women, i.e. proletarian. Moreover, the author believes that the prosperity of the latter group is a direct result of the other groups hard work. She points out that only thanks to the fact that the labour of women workers had received recognition on the world market were the bourgeois women able to occupy the independent position in society in which the feminists take so much pride (Kollontai, 2006, p. 199). I believe that the author falls into the same trap as many other ideologists and leaders of movements. If one person starts to divide people within a united movement into those who are right and those who are wrong, such a concept is doomed to failure. The covert hostility and rivalry between women is considered to be one of the main stereotypes. It is the relic of the past, which the feminist movement is diligently battling. Conclusion In conclusion, in the article Feminism and the Question of Class, Alexandra Kollontai analyzes the struggle of womens movement and its inhomogeneity. The strongest point in Kollontais article is that she completely focuses on the social, economic, and political rights of women, while she does not address the natural differences between men and women. She skilfully brings the argument under the ideology of historical materialism. At the same time, the strong argumentative part of the article is followed by exaggeration, bias, and inconsistency. Eventually, the author appears to be more fixated on the difference between social classes than directly on the womens movement.

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Research Does Electronic Cigarettes Help Smokers to Quit - 1100 Words

Successful Ways to Quit Smoking - Does Electronic Cigarettes Help Smokers to Quit (Research Paper Sample) Content: Research: Successful Ways to Quit Smoking- Does Electronic Cigarettes Help Smokers to QuitNameCourseMethodsThe study employed a randomized experimental design by grouping the respondents into their respective gender, age bracket, smokers, and non-smokers. The researcher crafted a questionnaire that sought to capture various aspects of electronic cigarette among the selected groups. The study collected and tested data from a sample of 31 respondents; 19 females and 12 males. The respondents ages were 54 years and below, fostering study objectivity to the understanding of quitting habits and trends from the active  age groups. The respondents were issued with the questionnaires and required to fill and present it to the researcher within 24 hours. Each respondent was required to complete the questionnaire, which tested the individual knowledge of the Electronic cigarette and users, their readiness and willingness to quit, and individual thoughts and perceptions towar ds quitting. Also, the study sought to evaluate time frame for quitting while using the electronic cigarette, and the individual user-experience. The collected data was statistically analysed and the measures of central tendency, minimum and maximum value, variance, and standard deviation were computed. The intention was to validate the study data and outcome, and to eliminate the limitations of sample size and geographical scope.ResultsIn a bid to understand the various ways that would successfully make individuals quit smoking, the study sought to analyse the contributions of electronic cigarette against the trends. Regarding the research questions, which were reflected in the questionnaire, the study yielded the following results. Of the 31 respondents, 18 were aged 25-34 years representing 58% of the sample while 32% fell in the 18-24 year category. 3% of the sample, which had 1 respondent fell in the category of 18 years and below. 2 respondents fell in the 45-54 years category contributing to 6% of the sample while there was no respondent in the 35-44 years category. The data consisted of a mean of 2.74 and Standard deviation (SD) of 0.82 .For the smoking habits, 16% of the sample were current smokers while 65% claimed to have never smoked in their lifetime. 6% claimed to try to quit while 13% claimed to have successfully quit smoking. This represented 5, 20, 2 and 4 respondents, respectively, with mean of 2.74 and SD of .089. On individuals plan and wish to quit, 82% of the 11 respondents were planning or wished to quit compared to 18% who were not yet decided or felt no need. 77% of the sample claimed to have knowledge or to have heard about the electronic cigarette compared to 23% who didnt have a clue. The test had a mean of 1.18 and SD of 0.4 Of the 31 respondents, 4 used an electronic cigarette compared to 27, representing 13% and 87% of the sample, respectively, with a mean of 1.87 and SD of 0.84. 10% claimed that if they used the electronic cigar ette, it would be purposely to help them quit while 7% would use it for other purposes rather than helping them to quit. This test had a mean of 2.73 and SD of 0.64. At this stage of the study, 83% claimed to have never used the electronic cigarette. 65% of the sample claimed to know someone who used the electronic cigarette to help them quit compared to 35% who were non-conversant. On individual thoughts and perceptions towards the electronic cigarettes effects on health, 77% of the sample believed that it was harmful to ones health compared to 23% who had a different opinion. This test had a mean of 1.23 and SD of 0.34. 15 respondents thought and believed that electronic cigarette was is a successful way to quit compared to 16 respondents who held a divergent view, reflecting 48% and 52% of the sample as shown in the chart 1 below.82647717999800Chart 1: Individual thoughts on the success of electronic cigarette as a cessation toolOn the timeframe before quitting while one is using the electronic cigarette, 2 respondents claimed would take a few weeks while 3 claimed a period of 1 year, representing 6% and 10% of the sample, respectively. In the same category, 24 respondents or 77% claimed they would never use the electronic cigarette while 2 respondents or 6% claimed they would take a few months. The test had a mean of 3.68 and SD of 0.98.DiscussionAs an alternative to help individuals quit smoking, electronic cigarette was used and its success rates evaluated by the study. Chemically, the electronic cigarette is designed to make the smoker feel like s/he is smoking a real cigarette, though the smoking procedure is different since the former is not lit.H0 : Electronic cigarettes helps smokers to quitH1 : Electronic cigarettes do not help smokers to quitThe study supported the hypothesis from the fact that the standard deviation from all the test was smaller than the weighted mean. Therefore, electronic cigarettes helps to quit smoking.Electronic cigarettes provide an alternative to the nicotine found in cigarettes such that if correctly and consistently used, it will help smokers quit. In analysis, the sample had 11 smokers, active and the quitters, and 82% planning and wishing to quit showed a positive index towards achieving the objective. An in depth analysis showed that the majority of the respondents have had heard about the electronic cigarette, indicating the products popularity in the mar...